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Sewing Machine as Religious Technology?

By January 29, 2014

Recently, while listening to a podcast of the CBC?s Spark, a radio program that explores the intersection of technology and popular culture I was introduced to the work of Jeremy Stolow.  Stolow is a media historian in the Communication Studies Department at Concordia University.  His principal interest is in religion and media and his research investigates the ?sometimes counter-intuitive and often paradoxical ways (ancient, modern, and contemporary) religions relate to processes, practices and technologies of mediated communication.? 

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Mormon Studies Weekly Roundup ? Welcome to 2014

By January 5, 2014

Here is the first Mormon Studies Roundup of the year — a summary of news, research and announcements.

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Gender and Consecrated Oil

By May 10, 2011

On December 11, 1917, William Smart recorded in his diary, ?Wife and I are fasting today. I bathed and thoroughly then anointed myself from head to foot with consecrated oil after praying to the Father and presenting this for purpose of further cleansing and as a token to present myself clean before him.? The many entries in Smart?s diary as well as those of hundreds of others Latter-day Saints illustrate how ritual objects can be a primary form of evidence for understanding religion as lived experience and sheds light on what believers do with material things.

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