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By April 16, 2008


We are pleased to announce the recent publication of At Sword?s Point, Part 1: A Documentary History of the Utah War to 1858, published by The Arthur H. Clark Company, an imprint of the University of Oklahoma Press and to invite you to come to our store to hear the editor, William P. MacKinnon, speak about the book and have him autograph a copy for you. He will be here on Tuesday, April 22, from 5:00 to 7:00, speaking at 6:00 and visiting and signing books before and after that time. Bill has published numerous articles, essays, and book reviews on the American West that has appeared in more than thirty journals. He is an honorary life member of the Utah State Historical Society and has served on the board of the Mormon History Association. At Sword?s Point is Volume 10 of the Kingdom in the West Series: The Mormons and the American Frontier.

William P. MacKinnon offers a lively narrative linking firsthand accounts?most previously unknown?from soldiers and civilians on both sides. This first volume traces the war?s causes and preliminary events, including President Buchanan?s decision to replace Brigham Young as governor of Utah and restore federal authority through a large army expedition. Also examined are Young?s defensive-aggressiv e reactions, the onset of armed hostilities, and Thomas L. Kane?s departure at the end of 1857 for his now-famous mediating mission to Utah.

The book provides a balanced, comprehensive account, based on a half-century of research and a wealth of carefully selected new material. Women?s voices from both sides enrich this colorful story. At Sword?s Point presents the Utah War as a sprawling confrontation with regional and international as well as territorial impact. As a nonpartisan definitive work, it eclipses previous studies of this remarkably bloody turning point in western, military, and Mormon history.

We hope you are able to join us for what promises to be a delightful and informative evening. But if you cannot and would like to have books signed or personalized, we are happy to take prepaid orders and either hold or ship them to you. Those who subscribe through our store to The Kingdom in the West Series receive a 20% discount on the list price of each new volume. If you are not currently a subscriber and would like to be, you may wish to begin with Volume 10. We will then apply the discount to the purchase of any of the nine previous volumes. Please inquire for details.

At Sword?s Point, Part 1 $45.00

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