Call for Applicants: Paper Prizes in Communal Studies

By December 11, 2011

Passed along from JI friend Matt Grow:


The Center for Communal Studies at the University of Southern Indiana announces its annual prize competition for the best undergraduate and graduate student paper on historic or contemporary communal groups, intentional communities and utopias.


  1. Author of the best graduate paper or thesis or dissertation chapter on historic or contemporary communal groups, intentional communities and utopias will receive $500.
  2. Author of the best undergraduate paper or thesis on historic or contemporary communal groups, intentional communities and utopias will receive $250.

Submission deadline is 20 January 2012

Submit a copy of your paper as an email attachment to Casey Harison at

Prize winners announced late April 2012

Please direct questions to:

Casey Harison, Director
Center for Communal Studies
University of Southern Indiana
Evansville, IN 47712

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