CFP: The International Church–Mormonism as a Global Religion

By October 4, 2013

The International Church:

Mormonism as a Global Religion


March 6?7, 2014

 Jointly Sponsored by

 The Department of Church History and Doctrine, Brigham Young University, and

The Church History Department, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints


This conference will explore the development, tensions, experiences, manifestations, and ramifications of Mormonism in its expansion beyond the boundaries of the United States. We welcome analyses on the Church?s international presence in the 21st century as well as historical studies focused on a specific time period from centuries past. We encourage papers that tackle broad questions about Mormonism?s international growth as well as papers with a narrow geographical/time-based focus. Possible topics include (but are not limited to):

 ? Curriculum                                                                                                                     ? Opposition and conflict

? Temple building and public perceptions                                                            ? Immigration to Utah then and now

? Perpetual Education Fund                                                                                        ? Humanitarian aid

? Processes of official legal recognition                                                                  ? Perspectives from international media

? The impact of technology                                                                                         ? Intergenerational growth

? Center and periphery relations                                                                              ? Turning points/key events

? International LDS public figures                                                                            ? Cultural influences on practices/activities

? Relations with state and other religions                                                             ? Demographics and statistics

? Doctrinal questions and challenges                                                                      ? Religious freedom issues

? Source material for LDS international history                                                 ? International Church pioneers


Paper proposals from all interested participants are welcome. Proposals should be no more than one page in length, should summarize the paper?s purpose, themes, and contribution(s), and must be submitted by e-mail to Linda Godfrey (, department secretary of Church History and Doctrine, by October 31, 2013. Authors will be notified of acceptance by December 2nd, 2013. Due to the tight schedule, submission deadlines are firm. All conference papers are expected to meet the highest academic standards and to be consistent with the faith and doctrines of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. It is anticipated that a volume of selected essays will be published as part of the conference proceedings.

Questions can be addressed to members of the 2014 Church History Symposium Committee:

Mike Goodman (co-chair)

Mike Landon (co-chair)

Mauro Properzi

Alan Morrell


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