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By August 2, 2013

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In just less than three months (on October 26, to be precise), the Juvenile Instructor will mark its sixth anniversary. To celebrate the occasion, we will be rolling out a few changes over the course of the next few months—some cosmetic, some content.

First, the content. We’re excited to announce that beginning a week from this Sunday, on August 11, we will introduce a weekly roundup of links from the previous week on Mormon history/studies. It’s intended to provide readers with a one-stop shop of worthwhile reading on Mormon history and related items¬†to help pass the time during boring Sunday School lessons¬†highlight the several excellent articles and blog posts from around the internet that might be of interest to JI’s readers. In addition to our month-long looks as various themes in Mormon history, it’s part of our renewed effort to provide regular and interesting material for our readers.

And don’t worry—Edje’s wonderful weekly posts will continue as scheduled for the time being. We’re just adding one more reason to make JI a must-read on the weekend.

And now, onto the cosmetic changes. Most of these will be relatively minor, and we’re still in the process of tinkering with what changes we will and won’t make. Some of you have already noticed that we recently added buttons at the bottom of each post that allow you to tweet, like, +1, and/or email the post to your preferred social network. This is aimed at both simplifying the ability to share JI’s posts and trying to reach a wider audience.

To the latter end, we’ve set some goals for the number of followers we have on facebook and twitter. We’re aiming for 500 “likes” on our facebook page (we currently have 316) and 250 twitter followers (currently 162), and have set the deadline for reaching those goals October 26. So help us celebrate six years of blogging by following us there and inviting your friends to do the same.

As always, our readers are what keep us motivated to continue blogging, and we appreciate your individual and collective support moving forward. If you have any specific (and sincere) suggestions about ways to improve the blog, please let us know in the comments!

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