Last Call For Niblet Votes!

By July 14, 2009

Greetings, JI readers.  Tomorrow the polls close over at Mormon Matters.  As you may know, the Juvenile Instructor is up for #2 Best Group Blog and the race is tight. So if you feel so inclined, go to MM and cast your vote! Whatever the result, we thank you for the nominations we received (and encourage you to consider them in your voting) including:

Best Historical Post (#10):

Chris?s ??giant and sometimes polemical?: The Persistent Marginalization of Mormon History as an (Un)acceptable Field of Study?

David G.?s Teaching about Racism (Including the Priesthood Ban) in Sacrament Meeting

Edje?s Galveston hurricane series

Jared?s review of Tracy?s Millions Shall Know Brother Joseph Again

JI Blogger Emerita Heidi?s ?The ?New Woman? in Central Utah?

Best Spiritual Post (#11):

Elizabeth?s ?Everything I need to know I?m learning in Divinity School?

Heidi?s ?And this time, there will be no angel?

Best Current Events Post (#13):

Jared T. on the 30th annual priesthood commemoration

Matt B.?s ?Thomas S. Monson and the Paradoxes of the Utah Jazz?

And we wish our fellow non-JI nominees luck.

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  1. Nail-biting agony: JI or Segullah? Bets, anyone? 🙂

    Comment by Elizabeth — July 15, 2009 @ 1:33 am


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