Missionary Lesson on Race in the Brazil Sao Paulo South Mission, Circa 1977

By April 1, 2015

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Elder: We are all children of God.
Mathew 6:9 ?Our father who art in heaven?
Is it true that God loves each of us equally?
Response: Loves us, yes.
Read 2 Nephi 26:33 ? ?inviteth them all ?white or black, bond or free??

Elder: Although God loves all of us, are we all the same regarding talents and mercy?
Response: No.
Read Abraham 3:22-23 ? intelligences organized before the world. Intelligences were different: some being noble and great.
Elder: According to what the scripture says, when was it that God chose those persons that were to be the leaders on the earth.
Response: Before birth.

Elder: What is the authority that God gave His leaders for the purpose of acting in his name on the earth?
Response: The Priesthood.

Elder: God chose His leaders that would be priesthood holders on the earth before they were born.
Read Alma 13:1, 3-4
When were these priests chosen?
Response: From the foundation of the world.
Elder: How were they chosen?
Response: With the opportunity to choose, they chose the good and exercised great faith.
Elder: Was God just in the decision he makes as to who can hold the Priesthood?
Response: Yes, he was. They deserved the right.

Elder: We know that God has a time and place for everything. For example, this earth was created for our mortal life at a certain time, and in the future the time for this mortal life will end. Now, just as Jesus was the savior of the world, He was not born at the beginning of the earth nor the end, but when?
Response: The middle.
Elder: This does not mean to say the he loved the people who live in the middle any more than those at the beginning or the end, wouldn?t you say?
Response: You are right.
Elder: This was just the right time for Him to come.

Elder: God also decided before the world that some of His sons would not hold the Priesthood on the earth until He decided the right time had come. God put all those spirits in one race so they could be identified. We read in the scriptures that after the flood in the time of Noah that this race ended up in the African continent. Which race was this?
Response: The black race.
Read Abraham 1: 21, 25-27
Elder: What kind of man was Pharaoh?
Response: Wise, just and fair.
Elder: Then, what was the reason he could not hold the Priesthood?
Response: Because he was not of the lineage that could hold it.
Elder: God has not told us exactly why black people cannot hold the Priesthood currently, but just that it is so. But let us consider our lives in general. What is it that God wants for every person?
Response: To perfect us, save us etc.

Elder: Do you think that God loves all of us equally?
Response: Loves all, yes.
Elder: Then brother, don?t you think that God in his wisdom, does what is best for all of his people?
Response: He does, yes.

Elder: Joseph Smith and other modern prophets having been instructed by God the blacks will receive the priesthood in a future day, when the time is right. But for now, the blacks can join the church, but since their hour has not yet fully arrived, we are not sent to them.

Elder: Brother, what do you think your own attitude should be with respect to our brothers and sisters here on earth?
Response: One of love.
Elder: Members of our church have suffered persecution at various times and places. It is our desire to love everyone and fight for the rights of every man in all places. Brother, are you capable of accepting and appreciating people of all races and cultures equally?
Response: I am.

Elder: Do you know if you or your parents have any black linage?
Response: If yes, Elder: Do you want to be baptized and live in the church?
If no: Elder: If you were to discover after your baptism that someone in your family had come from a black lineage would you remain faithful in the church?

Elder: Do you have any questions?


D&C 76:24 — the inhabitants of the earth are sons and daughters of God

Hebrews 12 — The father of our spirits

Acts 10:34 — God is no respecter of persons

John 3:16 — God so loved the world

Revelation 12:7-9 — the war in heaven showed great differences

Jeremiah 1:5 — the prophet was chosen before he was born.

Moses 7:8,12,22 — People of color had no place amongst the others

Genesis 24:1-4 — the prophets did not want their descendants to marry people of Canaan.

Esdras 2: 62-63 — The Jews kept their genealogies, even while in captivity in Babylon, so they could have rights to the priesthood. Those without a genealogy had to present themselves before the prophet.

Mathew 12:30 — There were no neutrals in heaven

Acts 17 — Pre-ordination

Mathew 15:24 — Christ did not preach to the gentiles, but only the lost sheep of the house of Israel

Deuteronomy 32:7-8 — all of the house of Israel were numbered before coming to earth.


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