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By May 30, 2014

The final program for the annual conference of the Mormon History Association has been posted.  It looks like there are going to be many great discussions about Mormon Women’s history in San Antonio. There will also be a Mormon Women’s History Tea and Book Discussion Group on Thursday June 5 at 4:30 p.m at the Hard Rock Cafe (111 W Crocket Street).  The conversation will be started off by a guest panel of historians who will discuss “Mormon Women in the Academy”. Recommended reading: the Romania B. Pratt Penrose and Ellis Shipp chapters in Women of Faith in the Latter Days (PDF copies will be emailed to you).  Please RSVP to Amanda hendrixa@umich.edu or brittany.chapman@ldschurch.org

Finally, don’t miss the Mormon Women’s History Initiative’s Breakfast which will host a researcher’s round table at the new and improved time of 7:00 a.m.

Here is a list of presentations — if you know of others that might not have been as easily identified as women’s history topics from their titles, please post below!

Lisa Olsen Tait (LDS Church History Department): Facing the Situation Calmly: Susa Young Gates and Joseph F. Smith on Gender and Priesthood

Kathryn H. Shirts (Provo, Utah): Priesthood and Womanhood: Complementary Gender Roles in the Writings of Leah Dunford Widtsoe

Christine Talbot (University of Northern Colorado: Mormons, Gender, and the New Commercial Entertainments, 1890-1920,

PLENARY SESSION Paula K. Harline (Provo, Utah): Running from the Law: Four Polygamous Wives on the 1880s Underground

Jennifer Brinkerhoff Platt (BYU-Provo): Merging Historical Pasts in Latter-day Saint Conversion: An Exploration of Female Ethiopian Saints

Sherilyn Farnes (LDS Church History Department): Lydia Clisbee Partridge: A Case Study of Familial Representation in Mormon Historical Writing

Natalie K. Rose (Michigan State University): Not a Popular Decision: Lenore Romney and the Equal Rights Amendment.

Amanda Hendrix-Komoto (MHA Board; University of Michigan) : ?You Don?t Represent Hawaii?: The Politics of the Equal Rights and Mormonism in Hawaii

J. B. Haws (BYU-Provo): When It Was ?Do or Die for the ERA?: Mormon Power in Politics, Mormon Power in Public Perception

Justin Bray (University of Utah): Mormon Women, Bread and Wine, and the Politics of Food

Kristine Wright (Guelph, Ontario): ?I have had seasons of being better but never well?: Ritual Ef?cacy and Mormon Identity

Mary Ellen Robertson (Sunstone Education Foundation): Female Religious Presence in Nauvoo Cheryl L. Bruno (Redmond, Washington): Revolutionary Sisterhood: The Struggle to Sustain a Prophetic Vision

Heather Olson Beal (Stephen F. Austin State University) : Negotiating Boundaries: The Ordain Women Movement

Russell Stevenson (Salt Lake City, Utah): The Prophetess: Rebecca Mould and the Origins of Ghanaian Mormonism

Andrea G. Radke-Moss (BYU-Idaho): ?I hid [the Prophet] in a corn patch. . .?: Mormon Women?s Experiences in the Missouri War of 1838

Janelle M. Higbee (LDS Church History Department): Sister Duncanson, President of the Teachers? Quorum

Taunalyn Ford Rutherford (Claremont Graduate University) : Indian Mormon Women Have Their Say

Kristine Wright (Guelph, Ontario): ?I have had seasons of being better but never well?: Ritual Efficacy and Mormon Identity

Susanna Morrill (Lewis & Clark College): ?The Saints As Yet Have Escaped Long Fevers?: Health, Illness, and Identity in Early Mormonism — The Willard Richards Family

Scott Marianno (Utah State University): Passing as Citizens: Race and Marriage in Mormon Culture, 1890-1920

Jeremy Sean Lofthouse: (University of Utah) ?Feminist and Mormon: Shifting Female Identity with the Latter-day Saint Movement

Jennifer Reeder (LDS Church History Department) : 1880-81 Relief Society Jubilee Box: Time Capsules and Memories

Margaret Blair Young (BYU-Provo) : Free in California, Slave in Texas: The Story of Biddy Smith Mason and Her Thirteen Fellow Slaves

Susan Woodland Howard (San Jose, California): The European Mission, International Suffrage and Peace Movements and a Militant Mormon Suffragette

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  1. That’s quite the list! It’ll be hard to choose what to attend.

    Comment by Saskia — May 30, 2014 @ 6:55 pm

  2. Thanks much for this list.

    Comment by wvs — May 31, 2014 @ 7:36 pm


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